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Buying anabolic steroids? Choose wisely

For the past few years, there have been many issues surrounding the use of anabolic steroids by athletes. In fact, a lot of popular athletes have been banned from sporting events because they have been tested positive for anabolic steroids. Although these things occur, ordinary people keep on buying anabolic steroids since they would be […]

Antibiotics for Bronchitis: Good or Bad?

In 2006, abcnews reported that almost all doctors prescribe antibiotics for cough and bronchitis. In fact, researchers claim that prescribing antibiotics for bronchitis symptoms such as coughs and colds are actually useless. First of all, the usual cause of such symptoms can simply be viral so antibiotics would not be of any help. Instead, recommended […]

An Introduction to Japanese Koi Fish

If there is such a gentle creature that can feed on your hand, it would be the Japanese Koi Fish or nishikigoi. Millions of pet owners take care of Japanese Koi Fish either in aquariums or in beautiful ponds. It has become a fast-growing hobby that Japanese koi fish suppliers are making lots of money […]

All about anabolic steroids cycles

There are millions of professional athletes and serious bodybuilders using anabolic steroids nowadays. Usually, anabolic steroids are known for increasing physical strength, creating large muscles and enhancing stamina. Plus,steroids can make athletes create new world records. For this reason, different types of anabolic steroids flood the market. Several brands are sold by pharmacies and needs […]

A guide to buying Koi fish for sale

There are many available Koi fish for sale from thousands of breeders worldwide. Hobbyists find koi fish breeding as a very rewarding hobby since they derive pleasure from seeing beautiful koi fish swim gracefully in ponds or aquariums. Aside from this, koi fish are gentle creatures which can be fed in one鈥檚 hand. Usually, fishes […]

Hurricane Katrina Relief

Today, and over this past week, our bloggers have been writing about the effects of Hurricane Katrina here in the US. We also have a few bloggers who have been driven from their homes, their jobs, and their schools by the flooding created by Katrina. Jason talks on his blog about what we are doing […]

Off to Corpus

We are getting ready to drive down to Corpus Christi for the weekend. My father, Gene Van Cleave, is being inducted into the CC Ray High School Hall of Fame. He coached there from 1956 to 1968 as an assistant. It is a very nice honor for him and our family. Tait’s middle name is […]

Central Election Commission

The Central Election Commission (CEC), established by UNMIK Regulation 2004/9, is responsible for the conduct of elections in Kosovo. The role of the CEC is to regulate the electoral process through the adoption of Electoral Rules and supervise all aspects of the process to ensure that the election meets international standards. The Deputy Special Representative […]