Raccoon Traps for Raccoon Removal & Control

Raccoons are medium sized animal usually two to three feet long and they weigh from ten to thirty pound. They are usually wild animals living in burrows or bushes. But while living in the locality they make nest under porches or wooden patios. Using raccoon trap is necessary as they are harmful because they not only damage the roof or ventilators but also spread the germs of rabies and raccoon roundworms. They remain active during the whole year excluding only the winter. So, the best season for trapping raccoons is the winter and early part of spring, as then they remain somewhat less—energetic. To be specific use raccoon trap from October to April. In early spring they come out from their nests to look for food and thus become susceptible for using raccoon trap.

It is better to control the presence of raccoon rather than to trap or kill them. They usually come in search of food. So, if you eliminate the chance of getting food you can do raccoon control easily. Leave your garbage can closed and feed your pet indoors. Secondly, prevent their access to the underside of your decks and porches or other home–structures. Raccoon make their nest there. Thirdly, look out for any hole in your roof and repair immediately if any. A raccoon may enter in your attic from the roof through that whole. These simple steps can help you to do raccoon control.

If you want to use raccoon removal, it is better you get help from some professional. Though there are some easy to adopt raccoon removal, like—

  • Illuminate their nest with bright lights or loud sounds.
  • Place clothes smelling of ammonia or urine of some large predators.
  • Make sure that your leftover food does not remain uncovered.
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